What did I learn watching Dangal on Netflix?

Well, before I start bringing up the ugly reasons, let me be very clear about one thing, I would like to see my Country ( i.e: India) winning all Golds in Olympic, Fifa world cup and ICC world Cup and any other competitions such as Asian cup or whatever. Of course I do not follow any sport but that cannot stop me from sharing my observation and points.

Social Problem – Growing up in India, I have seen, society has this perception that, if you are lean / fit, you do not eat enough or you do not have enough money to eat. So if you are fit / thin / lean, you might find your next door aunt telling you that “Did not you have anything to eat?” or “Is everything okay ? Did you lose job ?” You get the point. Now what should you do ? Ignore, I will explain why later.

No sports in Schools or Colleges – My complain is not that India sucks in sports, my problem is, the whole nation is not fit enough, the nation lacks sportsman spirit. And I am trying to find the reason in this article. I believe the main reason is ignorance. Nobody understands or recognizes the importance of sports. May be watching Dangal on Netflix taught me something last night. Why don’t we encourage kids to play sports? Kids want to play anyway, and they do, but why don’t we coach them? Why is it not like a subject like math? YEs, we are not a rich nation, majority of the population is still struggling to reach middle class-hood, and it is important to get a job, and to get a job it is important to study, but if you notice, in Indian cricket team there are lot of examples that education and sports can go hand in hand.

So yeah, parents want kids to study so that they can get jobs, school means a place where you get education, schools do not care to make you play a sport.

AS a result, we hardly grow team spirit or sportsman spirit, we often grow to become a sore loser. We do not learn discipline, and discipline does not mean studying 8 hours everyday. We do not know how it feels to be fit, we think low energy is the standard and physical activity is a curse. We end up stuffing junk food, with zero to minimum physical activity and living a super unhealthy life. And we try to justify that with great marks in exams, and afterwards, buying expensive stuffs because we can, we make that much money. We never understand health is wealth though.

Policies – What is Government doing to promote sports? I remember, in my government school, there was barely anything that told me that government cared. There was PT class for a year or 2 and it was just waste of time.

I think it is time, that the government learn something from American schools and promote different types of sports and rewards the players so that the society can reap the benefit in long term.

So yeah, I blamed the parents for being ignorant and not encouraging kids. I blame the government for not caring at all. I blame the society the least because they install wrong thoughts in minds. But I do not blame society that much, being a poor nation, being thin is mostly associated with malnutrition ( may be) and being poor is a social stigma, being fat and unfit is not. But, you need to ask yourself, what do you want? Do you want an unfit , fat body, and your activities would be limited, and you will have to take occasional trips to doctor to get medicines. Moreover, it is important to remember, what society thinks about you and imposes on you should not be your problem, because to appease the society when you get into problems, nobody will come to take a share of that.

How to Maximize savings from BJs annual membership?

Well, I will keep it simple and silly. And share few tips to maximize savings from BJs annual membership. I usually get my groceries and pretty much everything from Bjs. Friday my coworker took my membership card so I had to go to Star Market. I wanted to pick up a fruit salad, the price kind of shocked me. I guess, I got used of seeing price tags in BJs. Same thing for eggs.

So my point is, BJs really help you save money on regular purchases. As long as you are not going to waste those big box purchases, may be you can save quite a bit every year. I got my membership with a deal from Amex, so it costed me $25. You might get such deals on Groupon too.

Maximize savings from BJs annual membership

To keep it simple and silly, I used my credit cards wisely. Chase Freedom and Discover IT, they have 5% cashback from wholesale club. I just made sure I used those cards to get 5% cashback from all my trips.

As long as you have a good credit score, you can get those cards too. Moreover, if you already have such credit cards that offer 5% cashback, you just need to use them.

That was my in store method, now here is another way to save, if you are shopping online. Use befrugal or ebates to earn more cashback, along with your credit card cash backs. You can read more about it here.

Okay, we are done about the cash backs we can earn online or in store. What about savings from coupon? BJs send a coupon booklet every month, and they do have in store coupons. On top of that they will accept manufacturer coupons too. All that means more savings for you.

I hope my tips above will help you maximize savings from BJs annual membership, if you have any more suggestion for me, feel free to share in in the comment.

How advertisers going out of Google will reshape YouTube and Internet?

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
― United NationsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights

Advertisers going out of Google and content creators are freaking out. As I see it, advertisers just took a stand and made a statement that they are not Okay to people make money with the stupid crap they put up online.  YouTube is flooded with clickbait, copies of original videos, negative ideas that usually tell you that everything is going to crash, economy, and world everything. In the name of freedom of speech, people say whatever they feel like and of course finally Advertisers started showing that they are not ok to pay for just any crap.

YouTube is an ecosystem that consists of advertisers, content creators, and viewers. If anyone pulls out, YouTube would be in trouble. YouTube makes m0ney by letting content creators create and upload content online and then the viewer watch whatever they please, and of course the advertisers target the eyeball, they purchase eyeballs or views by paying YouTube. And that is why every minute YouTube let’s creators upload 400hrs worth of content.

Now, since we have freedom of speech and what not, YouTube got flooded with garbage. And it is not just YouTube but all websites where Google shows ads and let the website monetize their content.

Why are the advertisers going out of Google –

Because they did not want to associate themselves with the garbage it is out there. May be they are not happy with the ROI. They spend money on ads, but how many sales do they make ? Or how many of those impressions actually get converted in to sale? May be, they are reducing their advertising budget, I do not know, but it is possible.

Effects on Viewers –

If I were just someone who watches videos on YouTube, and if I see ads are going down in number. And that will make me happy. Who loves to watch the ads on ads or get the ad breaks? Same goes for the readers or visitors on web sites. Less the number of ads, better it gets. So I think the person browsing YouTube and reading websites will be happy that Google is losing advertisers.

Effects on the content creator –

So, broadly there are 3 types of content creator

  1. Original content creator
  2. Brands and sellers
  3. Copycat and click baiters

Original content creators will take the biggest hit. As most of them work full time on YouTube, if they lose revenue from YouTube videos, they will not be happy about it.

Brands or people who are trying to sell stuff, I do not think YouTube ad revenue is their main source of income. Their revenue will take a hit but as long as they do not lose viewers, I do not see a reason why they would be that much impacted.

Now, lastly the scammers – hopefully YouTube will finally get rid of these folks. These copy-stars and spammers were drawn to YouTube just because of the revenue. And only thing they made was copied videos. If money goes out of equation, they will not have reason to spread the crap they spread over internet.

Impact on YouTube –

They are losing advertisers, so of course they are losing money, in fact they are bleeding money. But they have huge operating cost to support all uploaders and the maintenance. Now, they have two challenges, first they need to get rid of the crap advertisers do not like, and content creators are not going to like it, some might say their freedom of speech is being violated. Apparently the bots those crawl through the videos and flag them are not enough, so they have to make the bots better and get a bigger team of reviewer.  So, investing in better technology and manual team will cost them more money and until they can prove that they can restrict the type of content that advertisers do not like, advertisers may not come back.

But then wait, we are talking about Google, nobody leaves Google, because Google is innovative. They will change their business model to bring back money into their system. So, they can pre-approve some content creator who will not violet the content creation guide. And advertisers will be okay with the content and secondly, the TV on YouTube will be a perfect place to display ads. So, what I imply, small content creators will lose revenue.

It will be interesting to see what really happens. I am hoping to see few leave the space, because the money won’t be worth it. May be it will be better for internet users to see less garbage. And may be advertisers will lose less money too.

How to spot a fake company?

Spotting a fake company is not that difficult, you just need to know where to look and what to look for. And I will try to show you “How to spot a fake company”. Let me set the context first. Recently in India 2 company were spotted as scam. They used to pay to like Facebook post. And to get this paid opportunities, you had to pay them.

You have to pay someone to get a job, that tells me it is a ponzi scheme. Let’s talk about it, and let me explain. Lets assume these companies were not scams and they pay the people 6 rupees per click / like on Facebook. One might argue, that is just wrong, because this is kind of paid promotion that might mislead general population who are not aware of this going on. I agree with you, but let’s put that aside for a moment.

So say, companies want to promote their page, say there is a local lay firm and they want publicity. They pay this social promoter company money, this social promoter company pays bunch of people to like the law firms business page. This way the social promoter company keep their cut before paying the publishers, who liked the pages. This way, the company makes money for their administrative costs, employee cost or in simple words operation expenses. But, here is one point to remember, say law firm paid 5000 rs, so they can buy 500 likes on Facebook. So, the social promoter company pays their guys 3000 rs ( 6rs per like) and makes a profit of 2000rs. This would be a sustainable model. And if something like this come out, I will not call it scam.

How to spot a fake company?

I just explained above how a sustainable business model should be. If you want to make money with such a business as publisher, you do not need to put your own money. Why you ask? Well, let us discuss, why they would need your money on first place. These companies were private limited companies, so they did not give you any equity in business for your money. So, probably their point was, they wanted to hook you, wanted to see that you were committed. But, think again, why would they need you in specific?

There are more than billion users of Facebook. In India, there are may Facebook users, if anyone offers 6rs for a like, they will find thousands or users, they giveaway likes for free anyway, I am sure even my mom would like to do the job. It sounds too easy to be true, or should I say too good to be true. You know why? Because it is not true. There is no easy way of making money. Not on Facebook either.

This business model should always flag the business, because it is not legit. Now hundred and thousands of people gave their money away to lose it. Being on internet for more that 1.5 decades I have seen few of such schemes, and now I know, when someone asks for money before they can pay you to do something or nothing, they are fake company. So now I think you know how to spot a fake company.

Google fi review – Get $20 to sign up

Google fi- may be America’s least talked about cellular network. I was using T-Mobile before switching to Google Project fi. I do not remember, how I heard about google fi, most probably on a forum, and I signed up. Brand name “Google” was enough for me to sign up for this on day one of project launch. Now let us do the Google Fi review.

Why did I switch to Google fi?

I was using T mobile, with unlimited call, unlimited text and unlimited data. And it was costing me $80 per month. I hope I got the number right. Anyway, it does not matter. I wanted to reduce my monthly expense on cellular phone. When I saw Google is launching “project fi” and offering unlimited call and text for $20 / per month, I immediately signed up. Here is the thing though, you need to have a google phone, be it nexus or pixel, that is the worst part about being a customer of google fi.

Google fi review now

Google Fi Review – Let’s dig deeper

How much do you need to spend per month on project fi ?

You get unlimited call and text for $20 a month. Every GB data is $10. IF you are traveling abroad, per minute call is 20 cents and 1 gb data costs $10.google project fi latest

Should you switch to project fi?

I will give you 3 scenarios –

  1. If you have nexus or pixel already you are perfect candidate to switch google
  2. In case you want to spend less on phone
  3. If you do not require lot of data or have wi fi access at home or work

How is the customer support ?

It is awesome, you can chat or email. I get great support whenever I need.

project fiGoogle fi review 2017

Cons of using project fi

Data is bit costly if need lot of mobile data. If you watch videos on the go, it might be really expensive for you. One more thing, you can be a customer if you are resident of USA.

But project fi provide cheaper family plan, in case that is what you need. I hope you found the Google Fi review useful, you can sign up clicking here and get a $20 sign up bonus.