Discussion Topic week 8

Name a brand to which you are brand loyal; also, name a product category where you switch brands frequently. Why do you exhibit different behavior in these two product categories? Be prepared to discuss your responses with your classmates.


I believe I am brand loyal to “Chase”, I have my accounts and credit cards with Chase. I switch brand of mobile phones I use.

I switched from Bank of America to Chase in 2013. And I stuck around ever since. There are 2 reasons why I chose to stay with Chase.

  1. My bad experience with Bank of America – I did not understand their complex product
  2. Chase provides me a great customer service, I get a fast response every time and they have great automatic fraud detection tools,


As a matter of fact, Bank of America is a least popular big bank and Chase is a most popular big bank (KRISTOF, 2012). It is not that Chase does not have charges or fees, but in my experience, they have charges and fees like any other big bank. Their products are simple and easy to understand, so I was never surprised with any charge or fee. But I was disappointed with Bank of America, mostly because their product was so difficult to understand.  Contacting chase is pretty simple too, and they mostly use low-cost channels such as email and chat. And I get a fast response from them without having to wait much. Most importantly, a few days back I noticed an unidentified transaction on my credit card, Chase caught that for me, and they asked me if it was me who tried making that payment. It was really easy to work with them to identify the fraudulent transaction and cancel the card to get a new one. I had a similar experience with my American Express card, where I had to detect the fraudulent transaction and their poor software could not catch any of those transactions so they kept on canceling the credit card and issuing a new one until it stopped on its own.


I switch my mobile phone frequently. I find iPhone to be expensive, I had a bad experience with Samsung, their after sales service was horrible and they could not fix my phone. LG is another brand I used previously, but they do not produce technologically up to date products. Currently, I use Motorola.

We do not contact customer support often for the mobile phones. But we expect a good service, especially when we pay top dollar. That is one reason why Apple is so popular, they have customer service center everywhere. But with other brands, it is a hassle to reach customer support. We can see in the brand loyalty for different brands – 76% iPhone users replaced an iPhone with another iPhone, 58% Samsung users replaced Samsung with another Samsung, 37% LG users replaced the device with another LG, 22% Motorola users replaced Motorola device with another Motorola Device(Alan F, 2014). The quality of the product is really important, and now it is proved that Apple used slow down their devices after 2 years (Kottasová   , 2017), Samsung devices usually come with the bad battery. So, in my opinion, the perceived value of these devices are lower than they cost.

I am satisfied with my current Motorola device, I think I get all features I need for a lower price.


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