Examples of corporates with good CSR

I would like to talk about my favorite company Google LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet. Inc. A multinational in true sense head quartered in Mountain view, CA, USA. Currently Google operates in more than 40 countries, India, Sweden, UK, Australia, Japan just to name a few.

Google LLC (formerly known as Google Inc.) was founded on 4th September, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Currently Google is led by Sundar Pichai who is CEO and Ruth Porat the CFO.

Besides bringing great products like the search engine, Google maps, Google Earth, Google drive, android, google docs which are mostly free to use, Google has a philanthropic wing “Google.org”. Apart from nurturing an open culture at work, Google supports social causes such as education, creating economic opportunity, social inclusion, response to natural crisis and caring for environment. Being a large organization google uses electricity that is enough to power 200,000 houses, and that is it leave a lot of carbon footprint (Wikipedia). But now all these electricity is sourced from renewable energy sources, reducing carbon footprints in long term. Moreover, Google is using machine learning to reduce electricity usage. Google Cafes uses ugly looking vegetables those supermarkets won’t sell, reducing waste. And Google promotes using bike and hybrid or electric vehicles – that’s another way google demonstrates being ethical and being mindful about environment and reducing waste.

There is a Native American saying “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”. Being mindful about environment and reducing waste Google sets a great example for other companies too. And the impact is not only environmental, more renewable energy usage means more jobs are renewable sector, using vegetables that supermarkets won’t sell means reducing waste and supporting farmers Lastly, promoting biking is promoting exercise and good health for google employee. The stakeholders promoting these behaviors sets a great example for other companies and helps the community all around. The community does not only benefit from the great product Google produces, or the job Google creates but the greater impact google has.

P.S: I was thinking about 2 more companies and I think they are worth shout out –

KFC India – I do not eat deep fried chicken anymore, but when they first opened restaurants around Kolkata, India (My city) a decade back, I used to visit. I still remember my first visit, the person at check out with a big smile on face did not speak to me, I was bit surprised for a moment, then when he turned back and started communicating with his coworkers, they were communicating in sign language, I did not need any more clue to figure out that they were people with special abilities. They did not speak but the management / leadership made sure the customer did not have problem placing orders yet, creating job opportunities for specially able people. It touched my heart and I used to visit more. To be honest, I have not visited them in last 6 years.

Dakshana – Monnish Pabrai the managing partner of Pabrai Investment Fund started this non-profit to educate/ coach the students in India who cannot afford their own tuition but smart enough to make it to the best engineering colleges in India. Monnish Pabrai is a software professional turned entrepreneur based in California, USA. Dakshana is based in India, founded in 2007. Checkout their oprating model @ http://dakshana.org/programs/#social-performance




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