Hair Style for thinning hair – how to hide bald spot?

After struggling with hair loss or male pattern baldness for more than 8 or 9 years I decided to get hair transplant. And I hope you are following me. I have posted everything in my previous posts, like how I found my hair transplant surgeon and what happened or what is the cost etc. Now after 2 months, new hairs have stated showing up. Let us talk about hair style for thinning hair now.

Before I go there, let me tell you one more thing. Not sure If I shared this before or not – After one month of hair transplant when I came back to US, my head had more scalp showing than ever before. I lost existing hair. It was due to shock loss. Since my scalp was poked while implanting hair, it caused shock to that area of scalp.

Hence the shock loss. And the implanted baby hairs also fell off. As I told you before after 3 weeks to 4 weeks of hair transplant you lose implanted hair. But after 7 weeks from hair transplant surgery hair started coming back. I guess mostly the hair those were lost due to shock loss came back first. Now since 2 months have past, I think new hairs are coming out. You can check the pictures below.

Hair Style for thinning hair


Hair Style for thinning hair Hair Style for thinning hair Hair Style for thinning hair

Check the pictures above. Yes I use Nexus phone, it is pretty good. But let’s talk about hair for a moment. on the first row, the picture on right shows the scalp area. The are with thin area, I have implants on that area. You can see how thin it look when I do not comb. Now check the pictures on left, now you see less scalp.

You can consider this is my 8th week update. I will post picture of my progress every week.

I am using Johnson’s baby shampoo to clean my scalp.

Rogaine twice daily for last 2 weeks, before than I was using it 1 time before going to bed.

And I am taking biotin, once everyday to boost growth.

Now the important thing, if you have any question please drop it in comment I will get back to you soon enough.


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