FUT hair transplant 7 weeks update

Hi all, this is another update after 7 weeks of my FUT hair transplant. Today is 1/14/2017 and I got my hair transplant on 11/22/2016. Now let us talk about what happened in between –

3 weeks after FUT hair transplant

  1. after 3 week and between 4th week I lost all grafts
  2. This time period I lost my existing hair in the implanted area, I was looking balder than I was before the operation.
  3. After 6 week, so last week, my existing hairs are coming back ( I guess ) , I am not sure if new hairs are sprouting from grafts
  4. I am having pimples and dandruff often
  5. Pimples are sign of new hair coming out, although my scalp is becoming itchy
  6. Dandruff is cause of minoxidil, and it is making my scalp itchy too
  7. The grafted area is still numb with no pain
  8. the donor area does not have any pain and it is pretty much normal now, it became normal like 2 weeks back.

I am back to normal routine, so I am combing and taking showers, doing combing. Some of the times, because of combing the pimples are getting busted and blood is coming out.

I will keep you posted about my progress.

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