How to make money with android wear?

How to make money with android wear

If you have android wear and if you want to make money with your android wear, this is the article you need to read to find out How to make money with android wear

I am living in Boston since July 2016. And I was working on Boyle stone street. Although I used to take train to commute to work, I got some walking done too. I walked to my T station and then I used to get down at Park Street station to walk to walk. Boston commons was a good enough reason for me to walk when it is not snowing.

Anyway, last year fall I got an email from my insurer, they were having a competition. The competition was about walking for 6 weeks straight and whoever walked most was going to get $150. It was a good enough reason for me to enroll, ass I was already walking more than 5 miles everyday.

The competition ended and I did not win any prize, it was a team effort and my team did pretty bad late in last week and we finished at 2nd place that was as bad as finishing last.

I did not stop walking, and was searching another way to monetize my step ever since. I found and you can connect your “moves” app with this web site and let it track the steps you walk or any health related tweet you send out and you make few cents every day. But Moves was not good enough. Move itself does not work all the time as you do not have your phone on you 24/7 and moves does not track any step inside apartment.

How to make money with android wear?

After I got my new Samsung Gear S3 Classic from Amazon, I installed Samsung health on my motorola nexus 6p. Surprisingly I found out that supports Samsung health. And since my watch is always on my wrist, it tracks almost all the steps I take and tracks my sleeping timings too. And that converts to $ in


How to make money with android wear
How to make money with android wear

Let me tell you few things about –

It has an app , you have to install in your android device. And then connect it from Samsung Health. And will automatically track an data that gets recorded in your Samsung Health app.

You can redeem your points once you reach 10000 points.

The app does not drain out much battery out of your device. And this is how you can make money with your android wear.

And if you do not own an android wear, then just install moves and keep your pocket in your phone. As long as location is turned on, and you are walking outside, moves will track your step. And can sync with moves. And you still make $ without an android wear. But now you know How to make money with android wear.


If you have any questions or you need help to make money with your android wear, then leave a comment below.

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