Choose a highly visible leader, someone you admire and would like to emulate. You will be looking to examine a situation when a leader’s cultural adaptation, cultural intelligence, ethics, and perhaps even moral and values have been tested and applying his/her actions to your own, perhaps developing, leadership style.

Vogelgesang, G., Clapp-Smith, R. Palmer, N. (2009). The Role of Authentic Leadership and Cultural Intelligence in Cross-Cultural Contexts: An Objectivist Perspective. International Journal of Leadership Studies, 5(2), 102-117.  Retrieved from:

Choose a highly visible leader, someone you admire and would like to emulate.  You will be looking to examine a situation when a leader’s cultural adaptation, cultural intelligence, ethics, and perhaps even moral and values have been tested and applying his/her actions to your own, perhaps developing, leadership style.

 Consider the four factors of Authentic Leadership; discuss how the leader rates in each of these areas.  Also consider the issues brought up in the reading for this unit, particularly ethics and personal values.  View the actions of the leader through multiple lenses.  Based on the cultural situation that was discussed above, describe how the leader’s rating was impacted by the way the situation was handled. Include whether their behavior was favorable or not.

Why is this leader someone you admire?  As you examined this leader against the four factors of Authentic Leadership, did he or she rate as highly as you thought?   Look at this exercise and who you want to be as a leader — where do these things converge?

Submit a 2-paper that both demonstrates that you understand adaptive leadership and is also reflective in nature. If you use any sources, be sure to cite them using APA format. 

It is bit difficult to find a highly visible leader who is not a politician, but I chose Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. The person who did phenomenal job as a business leader and now as a philanthropist saving thousands of lives. Bill Gates travels all around the world, so of course he interacts with people from different cultural background. In philanthropy it is more difficult to track progress, since there are no shareholder or board to report to. Most this work actually happen in countries in Africa and India, China, Europe and Middle Eastern countries. After leading a multinational company from front, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is another work of art.

I came to know about Bill Gates initiative in a book called “Snowball”, the book was depicting relationship between Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. And I got to know how Bill Gates is running this multinational philanthropic work like a non-profit business.

As an entrepreneur, Bill Gates is focused on maximum return on investment, in this case, his return is saving lives. So he wants to invest in project that is going change maximum lives. Coming back to our topic, I believe Bill Gates shown great cultural intelligence when he was building the team he has who run this organization. Every region the organization operates in, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has office there. Since I am originally from India, and I got some information how well this organization did fighting HIV, or vaccinating children, even working on water problems in villages where water is a scares resource. This organization has partnered up with local government and volunteers to tackle such problems.

We can see how focus Bill Gates was. He did not really care about losing control that much, he focused on how he could help more people or reach more people. And he did it through partnering up with smaller volunteers group who actually knows the region, understands the problem and can help solve the problems. 

But then, how did he do balanced processing? The foundation, does not just give money away. Before investing in any project, the team working on ground has to show that the project is feasible and progress on the work they are doing. After evaluating the progress and impact then the decision of make investment happens. So we can see how this follows balanced process. I personally do not know details, but as I have read this organization is extensively using technology to measure the progress. Given Mr. Gates’s background which seems very probable. More details can be found on this here at

Although Bill and Melinda Gates runs this organization, but there is a relational transparency. The organization has decentralized leadership to move things faster and in more transparent way. Here is the full information about the leadership team

Having such a corporate structure ensures that no decision is taken autocratically, there is a place for discussion before taking any decision. Although, all are their decisions are around how many lives can they impact and make better.

Finally the last thing is moral perspective. Especially in philanthropy there is a huge chance of corruption. Coming from Microsoft, we can expect great ethics from him. And we can see how he have shown his ethics and morals in this. He does not giveaway his money just for anything. He has a strict process of selecting a project. Following that strict process eliminates any potential bad actor and Bill Gates can still stick to his main goal which saving maximum lives possible.

I admire Bill Gates because he made computers usable by everyone, in every corner of this planet. And now stepping out from his corporate shoes he is still saving the planet from deadly diseases and solving problems such as water crisis.

I think he is perfect example of authentic leader. After I examined him against the four factors of authentic leadership. I absolutely want Bill Gates to continue the great work he is doing as a leader.  

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