Week 2 – Discussion topic

Select a product or service. Write down a list of its characteristics/attributes. Take each characteristic and indicate what benefits it provides to a customer. How would an advertisement reflect this information? Also, which benefit or benefits do you think are most likely to differentiate it from the competition (think back to the value proposition in Unit 1). Be prepared to provide your list to your discussion group for their feedback.


I would like to talk about Google Project Fi. This service is just like mobile phone service from Verizon or AT&T, the apparent difference is not many people are aware of this service from Google.  It is not popular like the most popular ones but it has all the attributes to be.

Cheaper monthly service plans are the best attraction of Project Fi. You get unlimited calls in North American plus national and international texts for USD 20 a month. You have to spend $10 per 1 GB high speed data and any amount of data above 6GB is basically free. Hence few of the attributes of the service would be –

  1. it is inexpensive ,
  2. user get to save money on data in case they don’t need it
  3. latest android phones on discount in case you switch to the plan
  4. Free unlimited international text
  5. Data costs same overseas
  6. Easy to use internationally ( I have taken the connection to middle east and India)
  7. Great customer support, available on email, live chat
  8. It offers family plan too, add another person to your plan for $15 a month

The benefits were pretty evident to me when I switched from a different carrier to Project Fi the day it was launched. I was paying a ton of money on monthly plan to the provider I switched from. Yes, I was getting unlimited data which I did not really need, I have wifi access all the time. I travel overseas, so inexpensive data, easy roaming and free texts are just perfect fit for my travels. And when I have a problem I can drop an email or chat live with a support person, so quick solutions to my questions are great too. On top of that I have unlimited call and text when I am in USA.

Project Fi does not have the stores or any presence in any shopping mall, it is selling their service and phones on their website, hence they can keep the costs low, provide the same service for the cheaper price.

An advertisement to reflect the benefits Project Fi provides should focus on simplicity of plan. It should focus on users who need an unlimited call and text plan with great coverage and need high-speed data occasionally. The ad could highlight hassle-free data roaming and inexpensive international calls too. So, in the ad, they can show busy professionals who need a phone on the go, who travels overseas and calls overseas and do not want to spend a ton of money doing all those.

The simple inexpensive plan that allows the user to make unlimited call, text and lets the user roam the globe for the same price of data and make cheap international calls, yet does not charge for unused datasets Google Project Fi apart from its competition.

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