Which of the work roles do you primarily take on a team?  

Which of the work roles do you primarily take on a team?  

My primary role in the team is being a “Teal Lead” that is very close to “Task Leader”. As my responsibilities include making sure other team members are being able to do their assigned task without impediments. And I need to be hands on as well with everything as a team we are supposed to deliver.


Are there any circumstances in which you tend take on a different role?

In my last project I have taken role of an “expeditor” often. Especially when we were meeting to decide what needs to be done and development team took the discussion to “how” it needs to be done. We had to break the discussion in the interest of time and request them to meet offline and discuss or set up a separate meeting.

In IT team we all play role of “information seeker” at times. As we ask more question to understand user needs and challenges, so that we can find a work around or implement a better solution.

One might often find me playing role of a supporter. Being part of a team, we often hear about someone son or daughter falling sick, I try to note and check on them. I think it helps me build a better relationship with that person.

On the negative side, I had played role of “Withdrawer” too. When things did not go the way I intended them to go or when I did not like one or more of my team members, I tried to remove myself from team outing and such team building activities. I am definitely not proud of my behavior now.


How difficult or easy do you think it would be for you to take on a role different from your primary role?

It will not be difficult. When I say that I do not include roles like “monopolize”, “Self-confessor” or any sort of negative roles. Essentially any team works together towards achieving one goal or implementing solution, and problem solving attitude is essential to obtain success. And I have already experienced different sorts of roles in teams I have been part of. I have seen tension releasers, recorder (I have been recorder few times, couple of years back), gatekeeper etc. Although I might not be a tension releaser, I might not have a wit and I would not risk any joke that might offend someone else in team.  But, playing role of a recorder, gatekeeper information provider harmonizer or social emotional leader would not be a problem for me.


Explain your thoughts on the differences between a group and a team.

I define a team a group of people working together towards achieving same goal. And this group of people might have different sets of required skills to achieve the goal.

My example would be a soccer (European football) team. The team is formed with defenders, mid field, forwards and goal keeper. So group of people with different skill sets working together to win the match.

A group of people is different than a team in a way that they might work together or separately to achieve different or same goals

A political party can be an example for a group. Where each member might have same or different agenda and each on might work for same or different goals. And they do not necessarily have to work together.

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