How to spot a fake company?

Spotting a fake company is not that difficult, you just need to know where to look and what to look for. And I will try to show you “How to spot a fake company”. Let me set the context first. Recently in India 2 company were spotted as scam. They used to pay to like Facebook post. And to get this paid opportunities, you had to pay them.

You have to pay someone to get a job, that tells me it is a ponzi scheme. Let’s talk about it, and let me explain. Lets assume these companies were not scams and they pay the people 6 rupees per click / like on Facebook. One might argue, that is just wrong, because this is kind of paid promotion that might mislead general population who are not aware of this going on. I agree with you, but let’s put that aside for a moment.

So say, companies want to promote their page, say there is a local lay firm and they want publicity. They pay this social promoter company money, this social promoter company pays bunch of people to like the law firms business page. This way the social promoter company keep their cut before paying the publishers, who liked the pages. This way, the company makes money for their administrative costs, employee cost or in simple words operation expenses. But, here is one point to remember, say law firm paid 5000 rs, so they can buy 500 likes on Facebook. So, the social promoter company pays their guys 3000 rs ( 6rs per like) and makes a profit of 2000rs. This would be a sustainable model. And if something like this come out, I will not call it scam.

How to spot a fake company?

I just explained above how a sustainable business model should be. If you want to make money with such a business as publisher, you do not need to put your own money. Why you ask? Well, let us discuss, why they would need your money on first place. These companies were private limited companies, so they did not give you any equity in business for your money. So, probably their point was, they wanted to hook you, wanted to see that you were committed. But, think again, why would they need you in specific?

There are more than billion users of Facebook. In India, there are may Facebook users, if anyone offers 6rs for a like, they will find thousands or users, they giveaway likes for free anyway, I am sure even my mom would like to do the job. It sounds too easy to be true, or should I say too good to be true. You know why? Because it is not true. There is no easy way of making money. Not on Facebook either.

This business model should always flag the business, because it is not legit. Now hundred and thousands of people gave their money away to lose it. Being on internet for more that 1.5 decades I have seen few of such schemes, and now I know, when someone asks for money before they can pay you to do something or nothing, they are fake company. So now I think you know how to spot a fake company.

How to invest in Gold?

Before I give you my arguments for investing in gold, I would suggest you to have a neutral mind. So that you can see through clearly. Because I am not going to tell you that you should invest in gold because the world is going to collapse. Or USA or any other country you are in will turn into Zimbabwe or Venezuela, it may, but let’s hope that it won’t.

As I see it, people invest in gold for following reasons –

  1. Scared of hyper inflation
  2. panic of economic trouble
  3. Gold is safe haven
  4. Hedge against inflation, and commodities are good bet

Gold is great to store your wealth and purchasing power, let us say it is the real money, but gold may or may not be a used as currency. Let me give you my logic, if you can buy a suit for $1200 today and for the same money if you can get 1oz gold. Say hyper inflation hits.

What happens if hyper inflation hits

1oz gold cost $10000 now, do you think the the suit will still cost $1200? Nope , if anything it will cost $10000 or more. So, my point is, yes your purchasing power will be protected, but do not think that your wealth will grow with gold’s price.

Economic trouble had come in the past and market recovered, and it is cyclical. Even if market crashes tomorrow, within few months it will recover. If you are in states, if you think market will crash because of debt, remember debt is government debt but stock market is not officially owned by government. Government can tax the corporations, but then the corporations can move to some other place.

Now, why do I think gold is not good enough to be currency ?

See, if the collapse really happens, you will need food, and gold will be great to protect your wealth but probably you will not be able to take to shop your grocery store for obvious reasons. It will mostly depend on government. Even if you want to use the gold bar as money you have to take to a coin or gold dealer , take the cash and then you can go shopping. Now, if gold becomes so expensive, your gold dealer might not have enough cash with him to give you.

Let’s just forget about it, how will you leave country with gold bars if you need to?
invest in gold
invest in gold

But, I personally invest in gold. Just like any commodity it has industrial use and it is hedge against inflation. I want to keep my gold as mobile as possible. I do not exactly believe gold etfs. But, goldmoney can be a good option, if you want gold, and keep it mobile.


Goldmoney offers you to buy physical gold, you can keep your gold in their vaults or get it delivered to your house. If you plan to move around the globe, you can use the gold as cash in europe and other places. Sign up and invest in Gold out today.

Why investing in cloud mining platform is a waste of money?

Investing in cloud mining platforms is not worth it. Let me explain you why.

Resources :

Let us start with why people invest in cloud mining platform. Of course resources such as mining equipment, electricity bill to run the mining operation and of course you need to keep the mining operation cool, so that ac or fans will add up on your electricity bill.

These are investments or expenses to get the return in form of bitcoin the miner gets after mining. As long as the mining is profitable, the miner will continue mining. But keeping in mind that the miner needs to upgrade the mining equipment every once in a while to keep the mining operation profitable. So avoid these hassles and if still to keep your skin in mining game people invest in cloud mining platform.

Is the investment in cloud mining platform worth it?

Keeping in mind that the returns are not fixed. The more mining resources get deployed the difficulty of mining goes up and return goes down. As long as bitcoin price goes up, more miners will join the mining network, so chances are the mining difficulty will increase, and that means lower returns. But the increased price usually offsets the loss.

The investment you make in cloud mining platform might be a scam

Say you put in $100 in cloud mining platform today, you buy a contract. They promise to get your $100 back in 40 months ( approximately). But here is the deal, say for $100, you get .1 bitcoin today, the way they calculate your return is in dollar terms. So, the assumption here is whatever amount of bitcoin you get back after 40 months will be worth $100 and as long as bitcoin price is up in future in terms of bitcoin your return will be less than 0.1 bitcoin. So, if you directly buy bitcoin today that is 0.1 bitcoin, that will be worth more than whatever return you make in terms of bitcoin.

And you do not know if these cloud mining platforms will honor their contracts and not shut down site. I have already lost money on a site, and speaking from experience, you cannot invest or give your money to these cloud mining sites.

So, my advice go to coinbase and buy some bitcoin now. Read here to find out why investing in bitcoin is a great idea.

Invest in Bitcoin: Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency, I am guessing since you want to invest in Bitcoin I do not need to give every detail about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital Gold, or may be more than that. Let me walk you though the points and show you why Bitcoin is better than gold.

Let us first explore why people still love gold –

People still love gold because gold and silver has a legacy or being real money. These precious metals were being used as currency for long time. Other than that Gold and silver has industrial use and these metals are used in jewelry.

People who are buying gold, they probably secretly wish for hyper inflation, dollar to collapse, or world wide chaos, so that they can reap great rewards from their investment.

Why do I say that?

Gold and silver are great inflation hedge. When the whole world is in panic everyone rushes towards safe haven, that is the reserve currency  or gold. Now, if US Dollar collapses because US has such a gigantic debt then everyone will have to rush into Gold and silver, and the gold and silver price will go up. The bullion lovers will finally get great return.

Full disclosure here, I have investment in Gold and Silver. I believe precious metal is a great hedge against inflation. But I do not put all my money in Gold and Silver expecting the world to collapse, or dollar to collapse or face hyper inflation.

But what is the problem of Gold and Silver?

Precious metals are commodities, they have industrial use and they are great hedge against inflation. But, government can knock at your door and cease your precious metals. Government can put a tax on purchase or sell of metals. Precious metals are great to store value, but you need to sell it for currency before you can use your metal to make transactions. And, government can control that however they want. If you are leaving the country, can you leave with your metal in check in luggage? No!!!

Why do you need to invest in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is better than gold. Government has no control over bitcoin, nobody imports or exports bitcoin, it is decentralized and being mined all over the world. Bitcoin does not have any tax, as no government has control over it. No conversion fees on bitcoin, because bitcoin can be used as one single currencies throughout the world.  You can spend bitcoin or send it overseas to someone to spend. IT is great for remittance without any bank fees. And, then bitcoin works exactly how gold works. People panic or want to save purchasing power they put their money in bitcoin. The more people own bitcoin the more the price of bitcoin goes up.

So even if world does not collapse, bitcoin will be a great hedge against inflation. Dollar does not need to collapse to make bitcoin rise. You do not need to care of supply and demand here with bitcoin. We all know the maximum number of bitcoin will be 21 million. And many of those are already lost.

But even if world is perfect, still bitcoin is great. Like I mentioned bitcoin is great to remit money. You want to keep your life savings in bitcoin and may be take it with  you while leaving country, bitcoin is your option.

Why is it great time to invest in bitcoin?

People are not into bitcoin yet, it’s market cap is like 16 billion. People are yet to join the network. It is still early to join the group. And as with time more and more people join the network the price is bound to rise. So you can put $100 to start with. And see where your $100 goes in 2020. Invest in bitcoin today with coinbase.

Google fi review – Get $20 to sign up

Google fi- may be America’s least talked about cellular network. I was using T-Mobile before switching to Google Project fi. I do not remember, how I heard about google fi, most probably on a forum, and I signed up. Brand name “Google” was enough for me to sign up for this on day one of project launch. Now let us do the Google Fi review.

Why did I switch to Google fi?

I was using T mobile, with unlimited call, unlimited text and unlimited data. And it was costing me $80 per month. I hope I got the number right. Anyway, it does not matter. I wanted to reduce my monthly expense on cellular phone. When I saw Google is launching “project fi” and offering unlimited call and text for $20 / per month, I immediately signed up. Here is the thing though, you need to have a google phone, be it nexus or pixel, that is the worst part about being a customer of google fi.

Google fi review now

Google Fi Review – Let’s dig deeper

How much do you need to spend per month on project fi ?

You get unlimited call and text for $20 a month. Every GB data is $10. IF you are traveling abroad, per minute call is 20 cents and 1 gb data costs $ project fi latest

Should you switch to project fi?

I will give you 3 scenarios –

  1. If you have nexus or pixel already you are perfect candidate to switch google
  2. In case you want to spend less on phone
  3. If you do not require lot of data or have wi fi access at home or work

How is the customer support ?

It is awesome, you can chat or email. I get great support whenever I need.

project fiGoogle fi review 2017

Cons of using project fi

Data is bit costly if need lot of mobile data. If you watch videos on the go, it might be really expensive for you. One more thing, you can be a customer if you are resident of USA.

But project fi provide cheaper family plan, in case that is what you need. I hope you found the Google Fi review useful, you can sign up clicking here and get a $20 sign up bonus.



Hair Style for thinning hair – how to hide bald spot?

After struggling with hair loss or male pattern baldness for more than 8 or 9 years I decided to get hair transplant. And I hope you are following me. I have posted everything in my previous posts, like how I found my hair transplant surgeon and what happened or what is the cost etc. Now after 2 months, new hairs have stated showing up. Let us talk about hair style for thinning hair now.

Before I go there, let me tell you one more thing. Not sure If I shared this before or not – After one month of hair transplant when I came back to US, my head had more scalp showing than ever before. I lost existing hair. It was due to shock loss. Since my scalp was poked while implanting hair, it caused shock to that area of scalp.

Hence the shock loss. And the implanted baby hairs also fell off. As I told you before after 3 weeks to 4 weeks of hair transplant you lose implanted hair. But after 7 weeks from hair transplant surgery hair started coming back. I guess mostly the hair those were lost due to shock loss came back first. Now since 2 months have past, I think new hairs are coming out. You can check the pictures below.

Hair Style for thinning hair


Hair Style for thinning hair Hair Style for thinning hair Hair Style for thinning hair

Check the pictures above. Yes I use Nexus phone, it is pretty good. But let’s talk about hair for a moment. on the first row, the picture on right shows the scalp area. The are with thin area, I have implants on that area. You can see how thin it look when I do not comb. Now check the pictures on left, now you see less scalp.

You can consider this is my 8th week update. I will post picture of my progress every week.

I am using Johnson’s baby shampoo to clean my scalp.

Rogaine twice daily for last 2 weeks, before than I was using it 1 time before going to bed.

And I am taking biotin, once everyday to boost growth.

Now the important thing, if you have any question please drop it in comment I will get back to you soon enough.

FUT hair transplant 7 weeks update

Hi all, this is another update after 7 weeks of my FUT hair transplant. Today is 1/14/2017 and I got my hair transplant on 11/22/2016. Now let us talk about what happened in between –

3 weeks after FUT hair transplant

  1. after 3 week and between 4th week I lost all grafts
  2. This time period I lost my existing hair in the implanted area, I was looking balder than I was before the operation.
  3. After 6 week, so last week, my existing hairs are coming back ( I guess ) , I am not sure if new hairs are sprouting from grafts
  4. I am having pimples and dandruff often
  5. Pimples are sign of new hair coming out, although my scalp is becoming itchy
  6. Dandruff is cause of minoxidil, and it is making my scalp itchy too
  7. The grafted area is still numb with no pain
  8. the donor area does not have any pain and it is pretty much normal now, it became normal like 2 weeks back.

I am back to normal routine, so I am combing and taking showers, doing combing. Some of the times, because of combing the pimples are getting busted and blood is coming out.

I will keep you posted about my progress.

Hair Transplant update after 3 weeks

So on tenth day from getting my hair transplant I went back to clinic. To get the stitch removed and get shampoo by the nurse. According to the nurse my scalp was dirty as  I still had lot of build ups left on my scalp.

Like I have mentioned before you start shampooing on 3rd day and continue cleaning scalp for 21 straight days.

Anyway after the nurse removed the stitch and shampoo my hair I had to visit the doctor. And this is what he told me –

Here is what to expect after 3 weeks for Hair Transplant

  1. thickness of hair never going to be like how it was when I was 18
  2. baby hairs will fall off – like 90%
  3. after 2nd month new hairs will come out from implanted follicles
  4. he said to apply minoxidil for 1 year

But here is the thing, once you start minoxidil you cannot stop it, so do not stop using minoxidil. May be not twice daily but apply once everyday.

Today is 11th December. And I had my hair transplant done on 22nd November. So, baby hairs have fallen off and the donor area has very mild pain. I stopped taking painkiller after 3rd day from transplant.

I am continuously applying the fucid cream on the donor area all this while. It does not hurt all the time, but when I try to rest, it hurts, and the area is numb.

I can use comb or get a hair cut after 21 days from hair transplant. So yes, you can go back to normal routine. Before 21 days, combing or using your nails to scratch on the scalp is not an option.

Hair Loss Cure-Before removing the stitches

I searched for hair loss cure for years, finally I decided to get hair transplant. Nothing else worked. Anyway here is update after 10 days from hair transplant surgery.

Here is quick update post 10 days after hair loss cure surgery

Today is 2nd December, 2016, been more than 10 days now. I have posted picture of the donor area. It has healed just fine. And today I am going to get rid of the stitch. Yes, there is a discomfort when I rest my head on pillow but there is no pain. And I stopped taking pain meds after 3 days of surgery.

I have been shampooing since 3rd day but very gently. If you could enlarge and check, scalp is not clean and grafts look like beard. In the grafted area , there are build ups . I guess that is blood and sebum. These are crusts and I did not put any pressure to clean them. Today when I visit clinic they are going to shampoo and clean the scalp ( I guess). There is no pain on the grafted area.

hair loss cure hair loss cure

Disclaimer – I am not trying to a doctor, neither am I trying to tell you what to do. I am suffering from hair loss, and I know there are people out there who do not like to see when they see thinning hair. This is why I am trying to capture my journey / experience and just trying to share, if anybody finds it helpful that would help me some good karma. And I am being 100% honest here, If you are a genuine person and have any serious question, I would love to answer you ( provided I have something to say on that). If you find my work helpful ( my english might not be very good) please feel free to make a donation, any amount helps.