How To save money with AskTrim?

Before we go to the topic “how to save money with AskTrim”, let us first quickly see what you can do with AskTrim.

The concept is simple –

you let AskTrim monitor all your accounts and credit cards. And you have to allow AskTrim monitor your comcast and auto insurance policy too.

What does AskTrim do monitoring accounts?

  1. Monitors for any subscription you might have and notifies you
  2. Brings you offers to save money on Grocery , Movies, restaurant etc
  3. AskTrim can find you better rate on Auto Insurance
  4. AskTrim monitors outages for Comcast in your area and can save you money

How To save money with AskTrim?

You got the idea, you have to link all your accounts and credit cards along with your comcast and amazon accounts with AskTrim. AskTrim will alert you if they find any subscriptions, you can cancel and save money outflow. Or if they find any money saving deals. The savings on Comcast or Amazon price drop is not entirely free, for every saved $ they charge you 25 cents. But you still keep 75 cents on each $ saved. And that is pretty much how to save money with AskTrim.

Sign up for AskTrim and learn how to grow the money you saved with AskTrim here.


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