Review of Qatar Airways – Boston to Kolkata| Is it allowed to carry laptop in carry on luggage?

I visited India in November – December, 2017. I took Qatar Airways from Boston, as it took around 20 hours and costed me $1400. Of course, I took coach / economy class ticket.

The flight from Boston to Doha was pretty nice. I do not know if it was 747 or something else, but the leg space was just fine. I took a flight on Sunday and the plane was not crowded. The middle seat was empty. We got a small bag with ear plugs, lip balm, mini tooth brush and tooth paste.

The food was crappy for me, as I requested low fat meal. And the taste was not good. While returning I requested gluten free mean, it was not good either. But it is airlines meal, you do not reserve a right to complain.

The flights were on time and there was no issue with luggage either. Just so that you know I am a repeat customer of Qatar Airways.

I did not feel like eating in the flight from Doha to Kolkata, you guessed it right, the low fat meal was not appetizing enough, and I was not hungry enough. But, the flight attendants were nice enough request me many times. From Doha to Kolkata I was alone in 3 seats. And there was no delay in the flight or luggage delivery.


qatar airways review

While returning I changed the meal preference from low fat to gluten free. Anyway, the food was not impressive. From Kolkata to Doha flight, the flight was nice. There is a usb port, so you can charge your phone. In Doha my laptop was checked and sealed as you can see in picture above. I do not know if I was allowed to open laptop tearing the seal or not, I was not told anything, but there was a print on the bag, cautioning against tampering. But I saw a passenger on flight using macbook. So, I do not know if one should open the sealed bag and use laptop or not, my suggestion ask the people sealing your bag.

From Doha to Boston, the flight was nice too. I got some sleep too. Although I was surrounded by 2 – 3 crying babies. Use ear plugs or earphones. I took my flight on Sunday morning, and the flight was empty.

Again I got the bag containing tooth brush, tooth paste, ear plug etc.


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