What did I learn watching Dangal on Netflix?

Well, before I start bringing up the ugly reasons, let me be very clear about one thing, I would like to see my Country ( i.e: India) winning all Golds in Olympic, Fifa world cup and ICC world Cup and any other competitions such as Asian cup or whatever. Of course I do not follow any sport but that cannot stop me from sharing my observation and points.

Social Problem – Growing up in India, I have seen, society has this perception that, if you are lean / fit, you do not eat enough or you do not have enough money to eat. So if you are fit / thin / lean, you might find your next door aunt telling you that “Did not you have anything to eat?” or “Is everything okay ? Did you lose job ?” You get the point. Now what should you do ? Ignore, I will explain why later.

No sports in Schools or Colleges – My complain is not that India sucks in sports, my problem is, the whole nation is not fit enough, the nation lacks sportsman spirit. And I am trying to find the reason in this article. I believe the main reason is ignorance. Nobody understands or recognizes the importance of sports. May be watching Dangal on Netflix taught me something last night. Why don’t we encourage kids to play sports? Kids want to play anyway, and they do, but why don’t we coach them? Why is it not like a subject like math? YEs, we are not a rich nation, majority of the population is still struggling to reach middle class-hood, and it is important to get a job, and to get a job it is important to study, but if you notice, in Indian cricket team there are lot of examples that education and sports can go hand in hand.

So yeah, parents want kids to study so that they can get jobs, school means a place where you get education, schools do not care to make you play a sport.

AS a result, we hardly grow team spirit or sportsman spirit, we often grow to become a sore loser. We do not learn discipline, and discipline does not mean studying 8 hours everyday. We do not know how it feels to be fit, we think low energy is the standard and physical activity is a curse. We end up stuffing junk food, with zero to minimum physical activity and living a super unhealthy life. And we try to justify that with great marks in exams, and afterwards, buying expensive stuffs because we can, we make that much money. We never understand health is wealth though.

Policies – What is Government doing to promote sports? I remember, in my government school, there was barely anything that told me that government cared. There was PT class for a year or 2 and it was just waste of time.

I think it is time, that the government learn something from American schools and promote different types of sports and rewards the players so that the society can reap the benefit in long term.

So yeah, I blamed the parents for being ignorant and not encouraging kids. I blame the government for not caring at all. I blame the society the least because they install wrong thoughts in minds. But I do not blame society that much, being a poor nation, being thin is mostly associated with malnutrition ( may be) and being poor is a social stigma, being fat and unfit is not. But, you need to ask yourself, what do you want? Do you want an unfit , fat body, and your activities would be limited, and you will have to take occasional trips to doctor to get medicines. Moreover, it is important to remember, what society thinks about you and imposes on you should not be your problem, because to appease the society when you get into problems, nobody will come to take a share of that.