What am I doing with my life?

I have no specific answer to this question. I am an honest person, and truthfully I can say that I am trying to make myself better human being and trying to create a positive impact.

When I was doing my engineering, one thing became clear to me, I am not genius or good looking or rich. The only thing I have – hard work and dedication. And I believe life is like gym. The more you work out, the more you gain endurance.

In year 2006, I got the job in my first interview because I wanted to, and I was focused to achieve my goal. I got my 2 promotions in first 5 years because I was focused and was working really hard.

Once I got the promotion, I lost interest and my goal to become manager at age 30 faded away.

I wanted to make money and travel the world. I did not have much knowledge about career choices, I did what I felt was easy to do. And I am pretty good at my job, because I am rational, logical. I work with computers, so logical reasoning helps me a lot.

But my passion is number and detailed analysis. So I love equity investing too. And in market, you do not need anyone to tell you that your are right or wrong. As long as market goes towards your direction you know you took the right decision.

Yes, I might sound like, the only thing that matters in my life is money. Which is partially true. I am not a surgeon , I cannot do a heart surgery and would not save anyone. Rather I can focus on what I can do. I try to focus on what I am good at and where I could do better.

Being an introvert I do not like lot of people, neither am I a great salesman. I cannot really tell you what I am good at. Although I might know, but talking about it is not the skill set I have.


I try to keep everything simple in my life. Being honest and truthful is another part of keeping life simple. Lying is too much work. I think I have 4 focus areas –

  1. taking care of my health – going to see doctors for yearly checkup and feeling better about the results
  2. working out and eating limited amount of crap so that doctor does not prescribe me lot of meds
  3. focusing on people around me – best way to leave a positive impact is to making myself useful to people around me.
  4. Focusing on my job, having enough time left to enjoy what I enjoy – such as cooking or working out or hiking and of course working on side project , that is learning more about value investing, so that I can make my future better.

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