Example Of Self Appraisal Comments By IT Employee

Entrepreneurial Behavior I have provided ideas and supported the team all the time. I have demonstrated a high degree of self-leadership and taken calculated risks. I have taken multiple initiatives. I have solved multiple problems using common sense. Cleared ambiguities and has the courage to voice over my ideas. It can influence others. Team Building…

How Real Are Amazon Reviews?

fake amazon reviews

I have been buying stuff from Amazon for last 7 – 8 years. I cannot say, I always leave a review. But, lately, I started seeing ads on Facebook, mostly they say, I can get free things for reviews. So, how real are amazon reviews? I think you cannot believe all those 5 stars anymore….

How to Search For Names With Special Character in them in SQL?

special character in name

In my new project, I came across a scenario where the names like O’Neal was being retrieved as O&#Neal. I wanted to check the database if we have other names like that. May be in both first name and last name. So I start trying different SQL queries, such as Where First_Name Like ‘O%’ Problem…