How To Remove Fraud Alert on Experian Credit Report With A Phone Call

I recently moved from New Jersey to Boston. I found a place to live in. It was time to get in utility connections. That meant they were going to check my credit score.

When I called National Grid, they informed me I need to remove the fraud alert I have on my Experian credit report first. It took me two phone calls to understand what the issue is.

What I did next was to go visit Experien and google how to remove fraud alert on Experian. The Experian help page came up on search result. You can read it here, I am going to summarize it anyway.

Experian gives you a form that you need to fill up, you need to attach government issued Id, and a utility bill that has the same address as on the ID card.

I moved from Jersey, I had a Mass driving license and I did not have a utility bill that has the same address as printed on DL.

I changed the Car insurance got the new copy with updated address and sent the mail to Experian with DL and filled up form requesting to remove the fraud alert.

I sent it on Monday and I called them on Thursday. By the way, Esperian does not give any number to call them if you want to remove fraud alert, the only way to do it is by sending a mail with all required documents.

I had signed up for an account and I wanted to dispute my credit report, and they gave me a phone number to call. And I called that number. Told the lady my story. That I am not being able to get my electricity connection because I need to remove my fraud alert. Until I get my electricity connection I cannot really have any utility bill. I informed her about the mail I sent.

Then the magic happened, she was kind enough to remove fraud alert over the phone after few verifications. I actually asked her, how to speed it up? I wanted to upload the documents over their site that did not work, could I email the documents to somewhere? Then she decided she was going to remove it after some verifications and she did.

How did I get the fraud alert on my credit report?

My debit card number was stolen and someone was sending money to Vietnam, I had to call the bank to report it. And as a result, I had to go through the whole process. I believe that is how I got the fraud alert. But the important point is I got the alert only on Experian, not on Transunion or Equifax.

I hope my experience will help you too, so drop a comment below.